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Blocking a Classic Felt Pillbox Hat Video Course online learning elena shvab millinery london

Course Structure:



Part 1: Hat Blocks

Part 2: Stiffening the Felt

     - Step 1: Wetting the Felt   

     - Step 2: Stiffening the Felt with Water Based Stiffener 

Part 3: Blocking

     - Step 1: Hat Block Protection

     - Step 2: Blocking Pins

     - Step 3: Steaming and Stretching the Felt

     - Step 4: Securing the Shape with Blocking Pins

Part 4: Drying

Part 5: Steaming and Brushing

Part 6: Removing the Hat Off the Hat Block

Step 1: Trimming Extra Fabric 

Step 2: Removing Hat Blocking Pins

Decoration Ideas

Metallic Foil Decorations 

Part 7: Tubular Crinoline

Step 1: Positioning Tubular Crinoline

Step 2: Securing the Crinoline

Part 8: Petersham Ribbon

Part 9: Elastic

Part 10: Putting a Hat on a Head

Blocking a Classic Felt Pillbox Hat Video Course

  • Learn how to block a classic felt pillbox hat with Elena Shvab an experienced milliner and tutor based in London.

    In this 62 min video course tutorial you will learn step by step techniques and skills required to make a felt pillbox hat from start to finish. You will learn how to create your own hat and leave with the skills to carry on creating more.

    Perfect for complete beginners. No previous experience is required to take and complete this course.

    Perfect for intermediate experienced milliners wishing to polish their skills.

    What you get:

    • 61 min of video content, easy to follow guidance
    • Unlimited access, learn on your own time in a comfort of your home
    • Contact your tutor at any time if you have questions
    • Detailed material guide PDF


    You will learn:

    • Preparing and stiffening the felt, 
    • Choosing and preparing a hat block
    • Blocking skills and techniques, steaming and stretching a shape over a hat block 
    • Brushing and polishing the shape for a high quality finish 
    • Stitching crinoline to support the brim 
    • Stitching a Petersham ribbon for a hat band
    • Securing the elastic to keep the hat on a head 
    • You will also get a lot of useful and professional tips from your tutor Elena Shvab, such as: how to adjust elastic size, decoration ideas, stiffening tips, choosing equipment and tools and much more.
  • After submitting a payment, you will receive an email with a PDF guide to access and start your online video course.  You will also receive a material guide and suggested millinery suppliers list.

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