Styrofoam Hat Block Making

Hat blocks are the most important part of the millinery process. Making your own custom block will allow you to realise grand ideas, make your designs stand out. Whether you are an experienced milliner or just a beginner - this course is designed for everyone who wishes to learn skills of hat block making using styrofoam material and benefit from the creative process.


Learn how to create a styrofoam hat block:


- How to prepare a foam

- What tools are required for block making process and finishing touches

- Making a shape

- How to take care of the hat block once it's finished

Styrofoam Hat Block Making

  • This course is individual 1:2:1 personal training, 6-hour long virtual sessions  over 3-4 days depending on a progress. You will have homework between the classes to work on the techniques learnt during the class. The class will be provided online via Zoom. You will receive a direct link to join me.