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Bespoke Headbands Online video course with elena shvab millinery



Online Video Course by

Elena Shvab Millinery





Introduction 00:43


Part 1. Tools and materials 02:34

Other Useful Tools 10:15


Part 2. Blocking the Headband Base 11:2

1. Tools and Materials 11:48

2. The Blocking Process 13:09


Part 3. Cutting Out the Shape 19:02


Part 4. Wiring the Headband Base 22:15

1. Tools and Materials 22:29

2. Applying the Wire 23:30


Part 5. Padding the Headband 29:28

1. Tools and Materials 29:40

2. How to Choose Padding Foam 30:32

3. Attaching Padding to the Headband 31:20


Part 6. Covering the Headband with Fabric 36:13

1. How to Choose Fabric 36:40

2. Tools and Materials 38:28

3. Cutting the Fabric 40:10

4. Covering the Headband with Fabric 43:11

5. Attaching the Fabric 45:28


Part 7. Stitching Petersham Ribbon 49:23


Part 8. Decors 53:20

1. Tools and Materials 54:12

2. The Making of Decorations 56:05

Bespoke Headbands - Online Video Millinery Course

  • Welcome to this exclusive video course on crafting bespoke headbands! Whether you're an aspiring milliner, a fashion enthusiast, or a beginner simply looking to add a personal touch to your accessory collection - this course is designed for you!  

    During this course, you'll explore the fascinating world of headband design, providing you with the expertise and insights required to create bespoke headbands that are both unique and fashionable. You will learn blocking a headband base, wiring and trimming the shape, adding padding, selecting the perfect materials and creating stunning decorations. Every session is meticulously designed to assist you in achieving a deep expertise in the craft.   

    By enrolling in this course, you'll not only learn how to make beautiful headbands but also find joy in expressing your creativity through crafting wearable art and will empower you to bring your visions to life.    

    Material Guide and valuable links are included as part of the course.

  • Online Video Course:

    - 8 Chapters, 65min of valuable content

    - PDF detailed material guide and list of selected millinery suppliers

    - Unlimited access, learn on your own time in a comfort of your home

    - Contact your tutor at any time if you have questions


    How it works:

    After submitting a payment, you will receive an email with a PDF guide on

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