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fascinator hat workshop Video Course online learning elena shvab millinery london


Our Best Selling "Create a Fascinator Hat with Elena Shvab" is now available live online.

This workshop will enable you to create your own fabulous fascinator hat, and leave with the skills to carry on creating more. You’ll learn how to block a fascinator base, manipulate sinamay straw, use wire, work with veiling, and learn traditional millinery stitches.


​We will meet via Zoom and will start with a short introduction to hat making, different hat styles, trimmings, and materials. 


Then you will learn how to make the base of a hat using a polystyrene block, and how to wire and trim the edges. Then you will learn different techniques of trimming and decorating, including sinamay straw rolling, veiling, steaming and much more. 


By the end of the session you will gain invaluable millinery skills and create a beautiful finished hat. ​The workshop will last up to 3,5 hours depending on progress.

Fascinator Hat Live Online with Elena Shvab

  • You will receive a Fascinator Hat Workshop KIT that will be posted to you ahead of the class - All basic Materials are included:


    - Dome shape for blocking a hat base 

    - 1/2 Sinamay straw 

    - Millinery wire

    - Veiling (ivory, black)

    - Elastic to secure the hat (white or black)

    - Water spray bottle

  • Iron

    Ironing board or a cloth


    Baking paper

    Fabric cloth





    Cling film

    Measuring tape 

    Fabric glue (UHU glue as an example)

    Pencil or tailor chalk

    Art Clips (if available)

    Pliers (if available)

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