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Working with millinery Crinoline in-person short hat class in central london

Crinoline is one of the most popular and versatile modern materials so much loved by milliners for it's light yet firm and graceful, floating-like appearance. 


This course is designed to let you discover tricks and techniques of shaping and manipulating crinoline to mount it on hats or to create trimming pieces and decors. You will learn how to work with this fascinating material to create eye-catching designs and give a unique personality for your headwear.


- Learn properties of the materials, the variety of crinoline shapes/textures available in the market

- Learn how to manipulate the material to make volume and texture while creating dramatic silhouettes

- Binding edges to stop crinoline from fraying

- How to create textures by DEFORMING crinoline

- Creating brims for hats and fascinators

- Supporting pillbox hats by using tubular crinoline

- Wiring the crinoline to create a firm shape


All the techniques will allow you to start practicing and developing your skills further and will allow you to get more confident working with crinoline. By the end of the class you will make several samples trying different techniques.


Working with Crinoline

  • This course is individual 1:2:1 personal training, 3-hour long sessions. You will keep all samples and creations that were made during the class.

    All materials will be provided.

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